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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm 

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Marnix Busstra is a guitar player from the Netherlands. To me he is an example of a musician whom adds a rather personal approach to the so called fusion jazz. Very few bands in Holland are busy in that field of the jazz spectrum, which makes him special


He is active in several projects amongst them a cooperation with vibe player Mike Mainieri and his own band The Buzz Brothers.


With Mike he performed in Arnhem in 2008. Read more on this page


We invited him again with his Dutch band on 30-11-2010

Line up

Marnix Busstra, guitar and oud

Berthill Busstra, keyboards

Frans van der Geest, bass

Chris Strik, drums

to webiste of Marnix Busstra

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Marnix Busstra

Arnhem 30-11-2010