Tekstvak: I uploaded some clips on YouTube from groups or musicians who were not mentioned before.
Or they have their own page but there was not enough space to add (more) clips there.
So I give them on this page.
Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

So no pictures this time, but clips only 4

Tekstvak: Jazz Impuls
Tekstvak: Both Eric Vloeimans and singer Simin Tander are featured in a series of concerts in large concert halls by an organization promoting jazz in this type of venues

In this way Jazz Impulse's aim is to promote jazz– and improvised music to a new audience.

In march/april 2011 a tour of about 10 concerts will be presented to this type of audience. 

But the kick off took place on 12-12-2010 in Musis Sacrum, Arnhem. An exciting performance from  Simin Tander’s quartet started the program. And yes, she invited trumpet player to feature her band in one tune.

After the break Eric Vloeimans performed an adventurous concert together with German piano player Florian Weber.
And in the encore Simin Tander was invited to join in her turn.


Here three clips from Simin Tanders performance


And here the clips from the performance after the break

Vloeimans, Tander, van Vliet

Trumpet player Eric Vloeimans, intuitive singer Simin Tander and piano player Jeroen van Vliet every now and then play together in trio.

On 5-6-2012 they performed in an old Factory hall at Veghel They succeeded in using the specific sound of the room to make it fit in their musical performance. Great Job!


On 11-12-2010 they appeared again. This time in the Piet Mondriaan Theatre in Abcoude.