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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm 

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Angelo Verploegen (1961) is a long lasting name in the Dutch Jazz scene.

With the mainstream formation The Houdinis he gained recognition in the 80ties. In that period he also worked with Corrie van Binsbergen.


Today he also plays in small groups where he employs his modern improvisation skills. Tois, Amsterdam jazz trio, Executive Lounge.


He is active as front man in the Soo Cho quartet.


He is teaching at the conservatories from Arnhem and Utrecht. Besides he is active as producer, amongst others for Challenge Records.



Jazz in Nijmegen foundation invited him as Musician in Residence during the season 2011/2011. He will perform four concerts with special combinations, which never played together before.


On 11-11-2010 he started with a trio with Belgium bass player janos Bruneel and drummer Kaspars Kurdenko (Letland)

I will show you some clips from that event here below.


You can find more clips from Angelo with Soo Cho on this page





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