Tekstvak: I uploaded some clips on YouTube from groups or musicians who were not mentioned before.
Or they have their own page but there was not enough space to add (more) clips there.
So I give them on this page.
Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

So no pictures this time, but clips only 3

Tekstvak: Gatecrash again

One week later  10-12-2010 Gatecrash performed at K(unsthuis) 13 in Velp.
Like in Eindhoven they played the first set in a new concept. Complete improvisation, picking up tunes, turning them around and looking for nice movements to get over into the next theme. Great
Tekstvak: Gatecrash 

On 6-12-2010 Gatecrash, the electric band from trumpet player Eric Vloeimans performed at jazz club Wilhelmina in Eindhoven.
Tekstvak: Gatecrash feat. Florian Weber

On 8-9-2009 Gatecrash performed at my venue. Jeroen van Vliet had to be replaced, so was Jasper van Hulten.
But Florian Weber made in into a special event and drummer Pascal Vermeer to.