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Monica Akihari is a singer with a Malucu background . With guitarist Niels Brouwer she forms the duo Boi Akih. But with that duo they work together regularly with other improvisers

The most of the material has been written by herself. Mostly Monica sings in the Haruku language . There is more than only beautiful songs. Complex voice improvisations accompanied by staggering improvisations (Niels play exclusively the acoustic guitar, but add to that from time up to time digital impact) brings the musical traditions of the Malucu into contemporary improvised music. And when you cooperate with people such as Sean Bergin, Ernst Reijseger or Ernst Glerum, then surprises can be expected continuously.


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Ladies in Jazz

On 17-12-2011 Monica performed in Nijmegen (JIN) with Niels Brouwer on guitar, trombone player Wolter Wierbos and drummer Kim Weemhoff.


They performed tunes of their newest CD Circes in a Square Society.