Tekstvak: In jazz it is mainly male musicians, the Ladies to be underrepresented. 
But they claim their own spot  more and more in all different styles of  jazz. 
In this part of the site I want put them central. 
I made all pictures but I added also  sound fragments and video pictures, which can be found on the web.. 
As I use exclusively my own photograph material I must impose myself restrictions. Not all women in jazz will be there  because I had no  material available.
But in future there will be  more! 
I hope this pages will inspire you to go in search for the  Ladies in jazz. 
Vocalists are strongly represented in jazz. You will encounter therefore a number. But also several female instrumentalists are there . 

I follow the next classification. 
If you want to go directly to a certain category, click  below. 

On every page you will find a link to the website of the described musician.

Each category has a menu which helps you to search by name but you can also use the main

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Ladies in jazz

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