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Italy Again 1 Javier Girotto

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Summer 2010 I went to Italy again for 7 weeks, enjoying this lovely country and attending a lot of nice jazz concerts. In this pages I will give you some highlights of my experiences



On 19-6-2010 I was at Frascati, a nice town close to Rome. The centre turned out to be nice and cozy, as most of the Italian cities are. My goal was one of my favorite musicians; Javier Girotto. He was performing with the Antem Saxophone quartet. And the concert was planned in a lovely garden.

These pictures are made during the sound check. Below some clips to share my impression.

On 4-8 2010 I was at Cerveteri, again close to Rome.

In this small place which centre is high on a hillside Javier Girotto was performing again. This time with his band Aires Tango

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An impression of Frascati first

Rita Marcotulli / Paolo Damiani



9-7-2010 I was at Lugo meeting my favorite Italian piano player Rita Marcotulli. She was performing with Paolo Damiani (cello). My opinion?? A thrilling concert...