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Clusone Jazz Festival 2010 page 2

The next day, 31-7-2010 started with an afternoon concert on the Piazza dell’Orlogio in the centre of Clusone. Three trombone players only.

Connie Bauer, Johannes Bauer, Nils Wogram. But what a performance!!

The evening in the theater started with an exciting performance from piano player Bojan Z together with saxophone player Julien Lourau

After the break a band named Funky Football play Bitches Brew was presented. Thei inspiration was of course the music of Miles Davis, when he started is rock period.

The Line up;


Enrico Merlin—guitar, electronics                Alfonso Santimone—electric piano, laptop

Mederic Colignon—trumpet                         Danillo Gallo—bass

Tino Tracanna—sax                                     Federico Scettri—drums

Veniero Rizzarda—laptop


The next day 1-8-2010 Tino Tracanna (part of Funky Football) was performing in trio with Giulio Corini (bass) and Vittorio Marinoni in a village close to Clusone. Ardesio.

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