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Laia Genc


Esmee Olthuis


Tessa Zoutendijk


Simin Tander



The Lindenberg (Nijmegen) has a project under the name Jazz & lib.

Each year in cooperation with a host programmer a number of projects are realized.
Jazz @ Lib is an exciting musical experience running the experiment.
Each concert is made on the day of implementation. The players will know only a few hours before the concert that night with whom they play. The musicians find their roots in jazz, pop and world music.
Artistic leader saxophonist was Bo van de Graaf, (director of I Compani)

Bassist Phaedra Kwant, the adventurous singer Simin Tander, Esmée Olthuis (alto sax), the talented violinist Tessa Zoutendijk and miraculous German pianist Laia Genc went for the  challenge.
Five women were adventurous for a few hours in a program that was captive from the first note they played.

PLoTS is for Phaedra, Laia, Olthuis, Tessa and Simin.

The premiere was in the Lindenberg in Nijmegen. A few months later they repeated in Room 100 in Amsterdam.