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De Loft, Cologne:  Frans Vermeerssen, Tessa Zoutendijk, Till Schumacher

De Mahlerei,  Arnhem.  Frans Vermeerssen, Eva Cottin,  Till Schumacher









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Tessa Zoutendijk




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Special Events

Euregio Project 2008

Jazz Foundation in Nijmegen (JIN) and Jazz Foundation in Arnhem (SJAZZ) were the initiators. Jazz am Niederrhein Foundation (a partner) was willing to participate in the project.
The Province of Gelderland was the major sponsor.

The idea;
We invite young musicians from the region of Gelderland and the adjacent region Lower Rhine-Westphalia in Germany under the leadership of a senior musician to set up a project that can be released in the cities of Nijmegen, Arnhem and the Niederrhein region.
The organizers chose saxophonist Frans Vermeerssen (teacher at the conservatory in Arnhem) as the  senior. Then he chose the young talents, which he wanted to give this project exposure.
That was the young Cologne pianist Till Schumacher, and violinist Tessa Zoutendijk.
Three stages presented the  project in their program;

The Lindenberg in Nijmegen
The Loft in Cologne
The Mahlerei (Stichting Jazz in Arnhem) in Arnhem.

Unfortunately, Tessa Zoutendijk was not available in Arnhem  but FransVermeerssen found with young Eva Cottin (student to his conservatory) a talented and worthy replacement.
The project took place in December 2008.
Below is a photo report of the concerts at the Loft and Mahlerei.