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Clusone Jazz Festival 2010 page 1

Clusone Jazz is one of the important Jazz festivals in Italy. To my opinion it is at the same time the most progressive festival from that country too.

In 2010 it was their 30 year celebration. A long history with very interesting acts every year. They are doing a great job!!.


The festival lasts about 3 months nowadays in a very wide region in the northern part of Italy and has his final weekend in the small city of Clusone mostly in the end of the month July.


I was there several times before. This year (2010) I attended the final weekend

29-31 July and 1 - 2 of august.


Below an impression of the city of Clusone. And then of course a selection of interesting clips and pictures.

More of Clusone Jazz 2010 clips on the next page!!!


My first Closonejazz concerts were at Legnano, close to Milan. A double bill evening with

Ricardo Zegna piano and Joanna Rimmer vocals. After the break the main stage was not available because of rain. So Francesco Bearzatti and his Tinissima quartet decided to use a small corner under the gallery surrounding the square of the Corta Palazzo Communale.


Corte Palazzo Communale Legnano

Tinissima quartet

29-7-2010. Albino (close to Bergamo) was the next episode. Purple B’rain trio was performing.

Carlo Nicita—flute, Francesco Pinetti—vibes, Yuri Goloubev—double bass.

Nice chamber like music.

30-7-2010 the final weekend started with two bands in Clusone;

A solo performance of Mari Kvien Brunvoll (Norway). A mix of jazz, pop and electronic. Still young, still finishing her studies.

Doppel Moppel.

Connie Bauer, Johannes Bauer—trombone

Uwe Kropinsky—guitar

Helmut Joe Sackse—guitar


Avant Garde from Germany. Performers not that young anymore but still playing with enthusiasm, with inspiration and a lot of craftsmanship. A pleasure to be there in the audience.