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Special Events.


Since 3 years in Amersfoort there is a special day: Dag van de Nederlandse Jazz. The Dutch jazz scène gets together to be informed about what is happening. There are seminars for professionals, involved in the world of jazz, there is a marketplace where organizations and agencies can inform about their activities. And there are showcases of interesting musicians, selected by a committee.


The main goal is to inform those who are involved in jazz from the Netherlands but also from abroad.


Below some of my impressions on 8 May 2009.


SIMIN was one of the showcases:

Simin presented her band with a new line up.



Line up:

Simin Tander  vocals, compositions

Pablo Held piano

Cord Heineking, double bass

Etienne Nillesen , drums


Paul van Kemenade alto saxophone

Stevko Busch, piano

Trio  Lochs, Balthaus, Herksedal


Line up:

Bert Lochs. Trumpet, bugle

Dirk Balthaus, piano

Daniel Herksedal, bass tuba (Norway)

Fuchs, van Vliet, Akihary


Line up:

Kristina Fuchs, vocal, sampler and wang

Monica Akihary, vocal

Jeroen van Vliet, piano

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