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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Joris Posthumus is a saxophonist (also from Tilburg), deserving more attention.  Someone called him the new Paul van Kemenade.


Joris Postumus leads Joris Posthumus Quartet  and writes all the tunes of the band.


Because of a disability with his hand he kept hidden for a long time.


With his mate  Jurriaan Dekker he tries to recover the lost time.


And if you can do so with master pianist  Jeroen van Vliet and  drummer Pascal Vermeer  you are sure you can play as hell.


 And so they did on stage in Arnhem on 17 March 2009.









Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm
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On 19-2-2010 Joris presented his very first CD at club Paradox. Special guest Tom Beek (tenor sax) joined the band and turned out to be as exiting and expressive as the bandleader himself.

A lot of passion, joy and interesting extended solo’s they gave to the audience, a full house.


Joris was selected to be one of the Young Vips 2010 (together with singer Simin Tander).

Check out more information about this on this page; Young Vips 2010