Special Places 4


Down  the Merwededijk which connects  Sleeuwijk with Werkendam lies a historical church. After it lost in 1995 its function as a funeral centre , the friends of the old church realized  modernization and started activites there . Since then it is used for mourning and weddings, as a rehearsal room, exhibitions and intimate concerts.



On 27 februari 2009 I went there to attend a concert of a saxophone quartet named  Double Espresso. 

Four young women in a special line up:  two alto– and two baritone saxophones. Their repertoire covers the rich tradition of the twenties up to now a days actual material, own compositions, arranged in a modern way and performed with lots of feel.


Double Espresso’s line up:


Floortje Smehuijzen -  alto

Babette Jane -  alto

Annette de Greeuw -  baritone

Loes Rusch - baritone


But Mechteld Bannier replaced Loes because she is busy cycling in Australia at this time.








Klein Koninkrijk (Small kingdom) (Olst)


A better name could not have been chosen. Klein Koninkrijk  is an intimate house chamber stage  in Overijssels Olst (not far from Deventer).


Under the dike, almost hidden  in a small street Saskia Koning  and Ton Stroucken have their kingdom and with jazz reviewer Frank Huser they organize  intimate concerts. Not only jazz, but if they program jazz, they get the top groups from the country.



On Saturday 14 March 09 I enjoyed the mild hospitality of Saskia, Ton and Frank.

They had three top musicians in the house that evening:


Simin Tander, Jeroen van Vliet and Eric Vloeimans. The cooperation of these three (You retrieve them elsewhere on this site) is still of recent date. The musical click is there; the voice and improvisation art of Simin lies very close to that of Eric Vloeimans and the sometimes orchestral lyricism  of Jeroen van Vliet gives  a warm bath, where it is delicious to stay.


A sold out house enjoyed from the first note until the last chords

to website of Klein Koninkrijk

Klein Koninkrijk

And these clips I made during a concert in Bemmel (10-11-2009) on one of the venues of Jazz in Arnhem foundation. De Kinkel in Bemmel, a nice village close to Arnhem and Nijmegen.