Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

On 23-6-2010 I was going to meet Francesco Bearzatti at Udine. He was performing there in the afternoon in a nice small ‘chiostro’ with piano player G. Cojaniz. I think Cojaniz is a blues specialist and their performance turned out to be quite inspired.

I start my report with some nice pictures of the city of Udine. Then you will find some clips of the duo-performance

On 6—7-2010 Francesco was on stage again. This time with his own band “Tinissima quartet”. In the small city of San Vito al Tagliamento.

Again a short impression of the city. and on the next page some clips of the quartet playing their ‘Malcolm X’ project.



Javier Girotto


Rita Marcotulli


Francesco Bearzatti


Francesco Bearzatti again


Bosso / Bosso


Clusone Jazz 2010 (1)


Clusone Jazz 2010 (2)


Clusone Jazz 2010 (3)

Italy Again 2         Francesco Bearzatti


Italy Again 3                        Bosso/Luciano Biondini 

You go on top of a mountain, somewhere in the region of Alto Adige. You will have a fantastic view on the mountains and…. Even there the Italians organize live concerts.


Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet) for the first time in duo with Accordeon player Luciano Biondini were performing there on 27-6-2010. One can spend his Sunday afternoon in no better way.