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Michele Rabbia


In the group Aires Tango of Javier Girotto I came in contact with Michele Rabbia.
Countless times I saw the group in Italy. In 2004 I invited them in Arnhem for the SPRNG festival.
A few years later, the group was in the North Sea Jazz festival.

Michele is a musician much in demand. In 2007 he was in the BIMhuis together with the American pianist Marylin Chrispell and French cellist Vincent Courtois.

A true adventure was a solo concert at the Clusone festival. In the attic of a community hall he sounds all sorts of objects, which are not intended as a percussion instrument. The highlight was the valve. A dozen metronomes were turned on for each with a slightly different timing. Then, a while Michele fooled around a bit and  turned off  the metronomes  one by one. End of concert.