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Virtuoso he is for sure, this Bebo Ferra. And his lyricism is one of his important trade marks.
Bebo was performing with bassist Paolino della Porta  in Arnhem during the SPRNG festival in 2005.
(On the page of Paolino you will find a link to a video on YouTube, I made from that concert).

In Italy I met him several times and enjoyed his playing.

The pictures I made in July 2008 in Iseo, where he collaborated with Rita Marcotulli in quartet performing a superb concert.



















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More pictures of Bebo on the page of Paolo Fresu


Bebo will play in Arnhem on 24-2-2010 !!

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28th of June 2009 I was to meet Bebo Ferra and Rita Marcotulli again in a performance at Abbiate Grasso, a small but nice town close to Naples.

In the court of the local castle they performed a concert including an Italian writer, reciting his stories.


Bebo’s wife performed the day before with her band Elisir in the same town.


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Bebo Ferra

more pictures of this concert on flickr