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Paolo Fresu is the absolute top of the Italian jazz scene.
He is is a poet  on his trumpet more than an adventurer. Nevertheless, his lyrical playing impressed again and again . Miles Davis being  a great example, is undeniable.

The list of international project is too long to mention here. Similarly his discography. Check his website.

In Italy and abroad tears ful houses  and in many festival he is a regular guest.

He can be heard in the larger venues in the Netherlands as well.



















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On 17th of July 2009 I was  in Iseo (Italy) to attend a concert of three of my favorite Italians.

Bebo Ferra (guitar), Paolino dalla Porta (bass) and Paolo Fresu (trumpet).


Always nice to meet friends!!

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Paolo Fresu

The three were together again with the Devil Quartet, including drummer Stefano Bagnoli to play a concert at Guetersloh (Germany) on 29-11-2009