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This video’s I made  in 2005 during the  SPRNG festival in Arnhem

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Paolino dalla Porta

And this one in the summer of 2005 in Italy.


On 25-6-2010 I met Paolino in G. su Legnano. He was playing there in duo with guitar player Bebo Ferra.

Watch some of their tunes.

Paolino dalla Porta (1956) I learned to know when he played a couple of times  in the quartet of Rita Marcotulli. It was a very amiable man with whom I immediately had a click.

Paolino, every summer teaches at the Summer School of Jazz in Siena. He belongs to the top of the Italian scene. He is working as a freelancer but over ten years, guitarist Bebo Ferra is a fixed partner. Together they do all sorts of projects, but the duo is truly a virtuoso. So I invited them to the second (and last) version of the SPRNG festival in Arnhem (Spring 2005), where I, as a guest programmer, could fill a room.

I made a video and clips are available on YouTube. For the links see the bottom of this page. When we were looking to it deep into the night at my house their reaction was: "Here we are really far away!"

Paolino is also part of the Indigo 4tet from Gianluca Petrella, so he was in 2008 at the NSJF also

This year a record is to come out with an own project: Urban Raga..