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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Wolfert Brederode (1974) belongs to the category of lyrical pianists. He completed both classical and jazz piano training in the academy of The Hague. He worked with groups as Nimbus, his own trio,  his own quintet and singer Susanne Abbuehl.

Some  contemporary projects are a duo with drummer Joost Lijbaart and a quartet with Claudio Puntin (bass clarinet), Mats Eilertsen (double bass), Samuel Rohrer (drums). With this last quartet he recently made a CD which is issued on the renowned ECM-label.

That label has been boosted because of the innumerable recordings which Keith Jarrett brought out there, but it is special because of its typical idiom. Moreover ECM distinguish themselves by an extremely transparent sound and perfect recording quality.

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm
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Wolfert Brederode

Tekstvak: Tekstvak: These video clips I recorded at the BIMhuis on 25-11-2007

On 12-01-2010 Wolfert played at our venue in Arnhem

These clips I made over there.


On 13-11-2011 Worfert Brederode was hour guest once agai.

This time in duo with drummer Joost Lijbaart.