Tekstvak: Sometimes there are special occasions. 

December 2008 the Jazz in Arnhem foundation celebrated its 15th year old jubilees with three concerts. 

My report is below.


Special Events

On 27 November nobody less than Mike Mainieri came to Arnhem. With the Marnix Busstra trio he treated us on an extremely intimate concert. In the Jubileumzaal  (jubilee room) of Musis Sacrum. It was the first time that we programmed something there and it turned out to be a  splendid, intimate location. We will use it again in future for sure!

On 4 December 2008b Monica Akihary and Niels Brouwer played an intimate concert.


They are the duo Boi Akih and we breathlessly listened to beautiful songs and virtuoso improvisations


On 10th  December 2008 we concluded with Fugimundi, the free improvisation triumvirate of Eric Vloeimans with guitarist Anton Goudsmit and pianist Harmen Fraanje.


What an energy and what a creativeness, coupled to a sublime feeling for beauty.


Sometimes special events take place in Arnhem. Simply during our regular activities.

On 17 April 2007 the German pianist Florian Weber and  trumpeter Eric Vloeimans met for the very first time.


I had invited them to my stage to give them the opportunity to check out each other.

The idea was born  during a meeting with German promoters in Cologne. In the afternoon Florian and Eric explored each other in one of the dressing rooms of Musis Sacrum. They returned back upstairs telling me: This will  be a great event. They were right. A passionately performance was the result.

It would be the start of an ongoing cooperation.



On Thursday 29 January 2009 the Lindenberg in  Nijmegen started  a new activity. Production house was started. Michiel Braam was invited to the initial  performance. He asked the Kaas quartet to assist him.

An hour of improvisation based on small parts of music, composed by all members of the ensemble. And the trusted recipe of Michiel Braam was used; With hand gestures and musical indicators the musicians stipulated which fragment and in which combination the parts were to be used as a basis for the next phase in the musical process.

Director Bart Vaessen during his announcement

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Mike Mainieri

Boi Akih

Fugi Mundi