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Special events

VKS & Matthieu Donarier trio

Trio VKS is an adventurous trio with piano player Albert van Veenendaal, bass player Meinrad Kneer and drummer Yonga Sun.


The Matthieu Donarier trio is from France. Matthieu Donarier on sax and bass clarinet, Joe Quitzke on drums and Manu Codjia on electric guitar.


They joined forces and performed at Wilhelmina (Eindhoven) on 22-3-2010.

Two days later they were guests at my venue in Arnhem.


22-3-2010 Wilhelmina, Eindhoven

Arnhem, 24-3-2010


Trio VKS

Trio M. Donarier


Trio M. Donarier & trio VKS

Trio VKS