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Francesco Bearzatti

Tekstvak: You will find clips from Francesco on this page

Francesco Bearzatti I met at first in the same concert, where I also met pianist Stefano Battaglia.
A very joyful person. At the dinner preceding the concert, we were fooling and joking around. But also a fantastic musician. He plays tenor, soprano and clarinet. He studied music in the northern Italian Udine and continued to study with George Coleman in New York.
He is member of the Indigo 4tet of trombonist Gianluca Petrella. And so he was  at the North Sea Jazz festival in 2008.
Bearzatti's game is solid, Coltrane influences are there as a lot of avant-garde tendencies.
Francesco has his own  quartet, the quartet Tinissima

The pictures below I made the famous Clusone festival.