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Special events

SIKEDA       Jeroen van Vliet

After piano player Jeroen van Vliet was selected as assigned composer at the North Sea Jazz festival 2008 he decided to continue the project he wrote for that special occasion.  He released his newest CD (Challenge records) and in March 2010 he started a tour with SIKEDA. I attended the concert at de Toonzaal (‘s Hertogenbosch) on 26-3-2010


Line up

Jeroen van Vliet, piano, electronics, composition

Jörg Brinkmann, cello, electronics

Erwin Vann, sax

Frans van der Hoeven, double bass

Pascal Vermeer, drums

Afra Mussawisade, percussion, electronics



Tekstvak: One week later, on 1-4-2010 Sikeda performed at the Lindenberg in Nijmegen. View some clips here.
Tekstvak: And  on 16-4-2010 they were performing at de Tor, a venue with a long and rich history.