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Special events.

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Special events

Jeroen van Vliet specials.

Tekstvak: Jeroen van Vliet  special  23-11-2010



Tekstvak: On our carte blanche invitation Jeroen van Vliet responded enthusiastically.
Together with guitarist Jesse van Ruller, bassist Jeroen Vierdag and drummer Hans van Oosterhout he delivers an evening of adventure and exciting improvisations.

It is clear, the combination piano and guitar is not easy. But Jesse Ruller and Jeroen van Vliet managed to find each other in a perfect way.
Jeroen presented his own compositions, both recent and older.

The audience was wildly enthusiastic. The musicians also.

At 17.00 hours they arrived,  ready to go
for a long rehearsal. Because, in the evening all 
had to come together.

Well it did.

The concert

Here my video impression of the concert.

The rehearsal

Tekstvak: In november 2010 Jeroen van Vliet had 3 special events.
An invitation from The Global Village festival in Amersfoort inspired him to present his project ’Spices of Zanzibar’. The event took place on 26-11-2010

Line up.
Jeroen van Vliet, piano		Raphaela Danksagmueller, duduk + bass flute
Simin Tander, voice			Bao Sissoko, kora
Brice Soniano, bass			Afra Mussawisada, percussion
Tekstvak: On 12-11-2010 Jeroen presented his project ‘Cycle’ at de Toonzaal ‘s Hertogenbosch

Line up;
Jeroen van Vliet, piano
Erwin Vann, sax
Jacob Bro, guitar