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The accordion does not belong to the category of instruments that are frequently encountered in jazz.

There are two names in the current jazz around when we talk about this instrument. Richard Galliano and Luciano Biondini.

Biondini (1971) started a classical training at a young age and was declared world champion on the instrument.

By my contacts with Javier Girotto I came into contact with this Italian virtuoso and I had the opportunity to organize  several tours with the duo Girotto / Biondini both the Netherlands and Germany.

And in 2008 they were again through my mediation in the North Sea Jazz festival.

He is also part of a  trio with Michel Godard and Ernst Reijseger.










Arnhem 2007  Girotto/Biondini

Lantaarn Venster: Girotto/Biondini

Friday  3 March  2009 again at the Bimhuis  Bimhuis, with Michel Godard (tuba) and  Ernst Reijseger (cello).

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Girotto/Biondini: Checking out some arrangements at my home.

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During my summer holiday 2009 (again in Italy) I had the pleasure to attend another concert of Luciano in duo with Javier Girotto.

The square of the castle in Riva del Garda was the venue.

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Luciano Biondini

In October 2009 on request of Soo Cho and saxophoneplayer Javier Girotto (original from Argentina but living for more then 20 years in Italy) I arranged a tour of five concerts in the Netherlands. More information you will find on the special pages I made up in the special events department.


Follow the link: Soo Cho trio & Javier Girotto

Bimhuis 2008

Godard, Biondini, Reijseger

Bimhuis 2007  Girotto/Biondini