Special Events.

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

De Lutherse kerk ready for concert.

The Narcissus quartet:


Flin van Hemmen, drums

Jozef Demoulin, piano

Clemens van deer Feen, contrabas

Robin Verheijen, sax


The Philipp Rüttgers trio


Philipp Rüttgers, piano

Taeke Stol, contra bas

Etienne Nillesen, drums


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Special events

East of Eastern

Every second Easter there is a festival in the eastern part of the center in Nijmegen.
In a Church (The Lutheran church) find concert performances instead.
And in more than 15 cafes there is anything going on.
Each year the festival grows. For example, in the 2009 version several workshops and masterclasses were organized.

The great animator behind all this is  bassist Wiro Mahieu.
I went to two concerts in 2009

- The Narcissus quartet.
- The trio Philipp Rüttgers