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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm 

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Yes,  You meet Eric Vloeimans several times in this pages. Why?  You can’t overlook him when you have this passion about jazz music.


In the past I was involved a couple of times in initiatives. With my help he got in touch with Italian piano player Rita Marcotulli. A tour was organised and it ended with a studio recording in 2003. (Hidden History, Challenge records)


In 2000 I had a festival because of my 55th birthday. I invited Eric with Jeroen van Vliet in duo.

The very first time together and now, almost 10 years later, the duo still performs every now and then.


The third occasion was the duo with German Florian Weber. I did report About that event on Florians page .


If you want to know with whom Eric worked please check out his own website following the link below, because it is too much to mention here.


His sound is soft like velvet and unmistakable unique. He plays in acoustic and electronic settings,  most of his concerts are sold out and he belongs to the most important export items of Dutch jazz.


Eric got the  VPRO Boy Edgar award in 2001.






 19 February 2009 Eric played at de Lindenberg (Nijmegen) with his band  Gatecrash’.  The Steigerzaal was sold out.


Line up:

Eric Vloeimans (trumpet)

Florian Weber (Fender Rhodes ) replacing Jeroen van Vliet

Gulli Gudmundsson (double bass, bass guitar

Jasper van Hulten (drums)




Menu the trumpet players



Eric Boeren


Jeroen Doomernik


Angelo Verploegen



Eric Vloeimans 1


Eric Vloeimans 2


Eric Vloeimans 3




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On 17 April 2009 Eric was back again in the region of Gelderland.


This time it was at Kunsthuis 13 in Velp and again the house was full.


He played with  Eric Vaarzon Morel, a flamenco guitarist, who performed  several times with Eric Vloeimans before, but never in duo.



to website of Eric Vaarzon Morel

On 22 April 2009 it was  Paradox’ turn  in Tilburg to invite Eric.

He presented his newest  CD with Fugimundi, recorded live in the American  club Yoshi. (Oakland).


Full of glow, a magic  Harmen Fraanje, which I never heard before in this orchestral way, a  driven Anton Goudsmit,  a sold out house. It was enough to bring Fugimundi to its highest level.


Paul van Kemenade was the one to receive the first copy of this new CD.


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The Men

Eric Vloeimans 1

Tekstvak: His electric band Gatecrash is top of the bill at this time.
The clips you find here, I made at the Beauforthuis  in november 2007.

LuxorLive is a brand-new pop stage in the centre of Arnhem.


They invited Eric Vloeimans with his Gatecrash and the venue turned out to be a perfect place for this electric project of Eric.


My photo compilation with soundtracks from the newest CD

‘Heavens above’


Date; 3-2-2010

More Gatecrash clips? Follow this LINK