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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm 

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm


Guitarist Anton Goudsmit in fact has only one disadvantage. He never is stationary on stage, so to make sharp pictures of him is a hell of a job.


Besides that everything is O.K. with him.

Inventive, creative, a good listener paying attention to whom he is playing with and able to react immediately are his qualities.


That makes him a much asked side-man.  The New Cool Collective (Benjamin Herman) Fugimundi (Eric Vloeimans) bring him all over the world.


And recently he added his own band, The Ploctones.



to webiste of Anton

24 April 2009 the Ploctones were in Musis Sacrum (Arnhem) a concert in the Jazz Impulse series.

Special guests: Harmen Fraanje piano and Sanne van Hek bugle.


De Ploctones are:

Efraim Trujillo sax

Jeroen Vierdag bass, bassguitr

Martijn Vink, drums

Anton Goudsmit, guitar


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The Men

Anton Goudsmit

Latest news;

On 14-01-2010 was announced that Anton Goudsmit is awarded with the VPRO-Boy Edgar price. This means a jury (and I was one of the members) decided that Anton deserved to be awarded for his great contribution to the Dutch Jazz scene.  With his music he  both appeals to  young and older audiences.


The award includes a price in money, but of more interest; Anton will travel along the important venues in Holland with his band the Ploctones.


During a special night at the BIMhuis Anton received this price from artistic director Huub van Riel from that worldwide known venue. Anton presented 5 groups during this event. Vera Vingerhoeds presented the program.

The first band was Estafest including;


Jeroen van Vliet, piano

Oene van Geel, violin

Mete Erker, sax

Anton Goudsmit, guitar


The second band was a duo with Bass player Arnold Dooyeweerd.



After that it was the turn to Huub van Riel to hand over the proce.

The program continued with the Ploctones;


Anton Goudsmit, guitar

Efraim Trujillo, sax

Jeroen Vierdag, bass guitar

Martijn Vink, drums




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