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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Mete Erker is born in Tilburg. His mother is Dutch, his father Turkish.

On a young age he starts playing the clarinet. At 11 he starts studying with drummer Steve Clover.  He switches to saxophone in 1989 and finishes his studies in 1998 (Rotterdam conservatory). John Ruocco was his teacher there.

He meets David Liebman during a summerclass in Siena (Italy).  Steve invites him to participate in a performance on the  North Sea Jazz.

In 1999 he starts his own band. Blink, with Harmen Fraanje en bass player  Gulli Gudmundsson. They won an Award at the Breda jazz festival  (1999) and one year later in Dordrecht, which provided them to record a CD.

Mete was member of  Quadrant, a band of bassist Eric van der Westen.

At the time he works with  Blink TOO, an electric version of the first  Blink,  is member of the  Artvark saxophone quartet which performs but also act as an educational project for Young kids

Besides Mete works as a freelancer, is Guest in residence at the  JIN (Nijmegen) (2008/2009)  and is side man with  Stefan Lievestro.

Since some year  Mete lives in Arnhem.






Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

2 April 2009 de Lindenberg

Artvark Saxophone Quartet


Line up:

Bart Wirtz and Rolf Delfos (alt)

Peter Broekhuizen (baritone)

Mete (tenorsax)


Udo Demant (percussion) guest .

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Tekstvak: Tekstvak: 6-11-2009 Artvark saxophone quartet played at K13 in Velp. Part of a double bill program they played together with New Niks. The program was called Busy, busy, busy.