Tekstvak: On 25-2-2009 he performed with saxofonist Vergier, Bassist Somiano and drummer Goudband at Paradox.

The Men


Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

You would not think that Harmen Fraanje is still so Young  (Roosendaal 1986)  when you look at his list of success.

He lived in Tilburg for a long time and recently moved to Amsterdam

Own  projects, working Eric Vloeimans, saxophonist  Michael Moore, cello player Ernst Reijseger , guitarist Anton Goudsmit and double bass player Stefan Lievestro make him a busy Young man.

Harmen got several awards because of his talents as a composer and a performer.

In 2004 he received the  North Sea Composing assignment, in 2004 the Bird Award and in 2007 he was pronounced by the  VIP-venues to be the Young Vip of that year.






Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm
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The Men

Harmen Fraanje

Tekstvak: Later that year he was performing again at Paradox with Nelson Veras on guitar, Morgan on double bass and Martijn Vink on drums.