Tekstvak: VPRO Boy Edgar award
Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Every year the ‘VPRO-Boy Edgar prijs’ is awarded. A committee of programmers and journalists decides to whom. It is an oeuvre-award

 In 1963 it was de first time it was awarded to  Herman Schoonderwald. At that time the name was the Wessel Ilcken Award, named after  drummer  Wessel Ilcken,  one of the founders of the modern jazz in the Netherlands.

In 1980 the name was changed into the  Boy Edgar Award . Boy Edgar was a leader of a large Orchestra together with saxophonist  Theo Loevendie experimenting in progressive jazz.

In 1992 the Award gets its current name since broadcasting company VPRO started to cooperate in the Award.

The Award is the most important in het field of jazz in the Netherlands. It means recognition for being important during a long time, the winner gets an amount € 12.500,- and a  plastique designed by famous Jan Wolkers. 

Below some pictures of mine and an overview of the most recent years.

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm



On 26 Januari 2009 was announced that Ernst Glerum will receive the Award to on 11 May 2009 in theBIMhuis.


The juryreport says;

' Seriousness Glerum is an uncontested master on his instrument with a tone everywhere praised and representing in a particular way all virtues of an improvising jazzman.


As no one else he can keep an ensemble in a productive balance.


He unites the bests of two worlds: the consonance ideal from composed classical / contemporary  music and improvised music '.



19 May 2008 he finally received the Award. Pierre Courbois, a drummer active for over 40 years finally got the recognition he deserves.


The jury said:

`Pierre Courbois is one of the most important representatives of the modern Dutch jazz, a prominent ambassador of it abroad, and an embodiment of the creative spirit which characterizes the music.


`Using rhythms borrowed from other cultures he extended the rhythmic vocabulary of  Dutch jazz and improvised music.


`With his powerful and virtuoso playing he has contributed strongly that  jazz in our country developed into real  group music, in which  nobody plays a serving role.


`In our country he is the uncontested master in the underestimated art of playing with brushes.


`Courbois always stayed a great  and unique a stylist have always remained, which he proves  in his  current five quartz sextet, in which all possibilities to swing in that measure type are utilized  in fresh, original and dragging compositions.


In 2007 Bert van den Brink had his turn.


The  juryrapport:


`Bert van den  Brink was prepared during its student time at  the Utrecht academy (1982 rounded, cum laude) for a career as classical  concert pianist.

A inheritance which rings through particularly timing and phrasing still in its game.

Fortunately for jazzafficionado's' s he chose very soon  for a another musical path. His cooperation with Dee Dee Bridgewater (2 years as bandleader, 1990 -1991) provided him immediately  the reputation of the ideal partner.

It also gave him the opportunity to work with  Chet Baker and Toots Thielemans.


When we look  to the future, Dutch jazz can’t do without the medium Internet. Van den  Brink tries to open new channels of communication with his audience with weekly improvisations on his website.


In these miniatures, in which he, regarding  consonance, voicing  and toucher leaves almost all Dutch college' s far behind his personal style shows of .


In all projects and  activities Bert van den  Brink shows himself as a t amiable man  and proves great musical integrities'.



Benjamin Herman





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