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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

To me Jeroen van Vliet is top of the bill.

I know him since my time with the Paul van Kemenade quintet as a manager in the 1990s. When he left that band after more then 12 years  12 jaar, he found space to spread his wings.

Businesslike we still are together because he asked me to join the board of his foundation.

He also helped me to select a grand piano which is standing in my living room and being touched by me almost every day. It is an old Ibach and it really is a beautiful instrument.

Jeroen has his own trio and recorded several CD’s. The today’s line up is Pascal Vermeer on drums and Frans Jan van der Hoeven on double bass.

Further Jeroen has his part in:

· Gatecrash, the electric  band of Eric Vloeimans.

· Estafest.

· A special CD with poet  Herman Coenen.

· Theatre productions supported by him as a composer and as a performer

· In 2008 het got the Composing assignment of the North Sea Jazz Festival.

· It would be the start of a new project; SIKEDA, which will tour in 2010 along a lot of Dutch Venues.

More information about the Sikeda project? Follow this LINK

Jeroen: Go On!!


Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm
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Estafest! Played at Paradox


First there were:

Duo Goudsmit and van Geel

Duo Erker and van Vliet

2+2= Estafest!


Estafest! Four improvisers in a small chamberlike line up

They start with the musical ideas of all members. Short pieces, no fixed order, all decisions are made on the spot.


Estafest! Mingus meets Schoenberg meets Bach meets Radiohead.

Estafest! 6 duo’s, 4 soloists, 3 trio’s or 1 quartet?


Anton Goudsmit - electric guitar

Oene van Geel - alto violin

Mete Erker - reeds

Jeroen van Vliet - piano

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The Men

Jeroen van Vliet

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Sikeda project




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