From 1971 photography is a hobby of mine. It started† making slides from my two children and the family trips we made.

In 1979 I bought my first SLR camera. A Pentax. Then it really started. Many hours I spent in my dark room and discovered the techniques to make good looking black and white and colour pictures.


Nowadays the quality of digital photography is that good that messing around with chemicals is no longer needed, although some adepts will not agree with me. At least the work got much faster, so you can spend time in another way. For instance design a website and share my pictures with the world.



In 1996 I started to combine my passion for photography with my second passion:

JazzĖ and improvised Music.

I started to make live portraits from musicians at stage. And of course they got copies of the most successful takes when I met them later.


Most of them liked that, someone's liked them that much to make them decide to use them for promotional goals like Compact disc-leaflets and posters. And from the moment internet started to be the new way of communication my pictures started to find their way on several personal websites of these musicians.


By my photography the jazz scŤne in the Netherlands but also in other countries became familiar to me.

When the former programmer of Stichting Jazz in Arnhem decided to quit her activities she asked me if I was interested.

I didnít hesitate and again a new passion was born. Since September 1999 Iím the promoter for this foundation in Arnhem. I organise concert and of course Iím there to make pictures (and in some cases also video-recordings).


And now the time came to design my own website and share my work as a photographer in this new way.



I devided this jazz department of my site into several categories.

And for sure more categories will be added in future.

The Main jazz menu will guide you to the separate categories.

The Index will help you to search by name.

Every page has a To next page link.

And every page has a link to bring you back to the site map to guide you to another department.

Besides, you will find a lot of links to personal websites of the musicians I described.

And even lots of my videoclips on youtube are linked. I added a special guide page.

You will find it by clicking on YouTube Menu



I wish you a lot of fun. I appreciate a reaction. Send me an email to:



Joop Mutsaers











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