Special places 1

Junas (France).


Junas is a small village in the south of France, Nothing special and the region is not the first place to go neither.  Old interesting  cities like

Nimes, Arles, Montpellier and the special region of the  Camargues are close anyway.


But  Junas can not be left out in this pages, because every two years there is a very interesting festival. In each edition a certain European country is the central theme.

In 2006 it was the Netherlands so you could meet  Eric Vloeimans, Hein van der Geijn, Harmen Fraanje, Fay Claassen and the  Willem Breuker collective.

In 2008 Italian Paolo Fresu was Guest in Residence.


The festival goes in two venues. Around six a clock in the afternoon a small former church, named the Temple (a bit of exaggeration) is the place for intimate concerts. The grand piano is superb and nothing is wrong with the acoustic. You better go there in time because the small place  is sold out very quickly.


And when you take ten minutes of walking into the surroundings of Junas you arrive at a former quarry. A high rock, half round shape. You build a stage there, you organise light and sound technique and above all you illuminate the rocks and you have an open air concert hall which can match with the sound of the Scala of Milan.




Ernst Reijseger in Le Temple

On 22 juli 2006


Antonello Salis  in Le Temple

On 18 juli 2008



Antonello Salis is a pianist / accordionist from Sardinia.


With Paolo Fresu (trumpet) and  Furio di Castri (contrabas) they are  trio PAF.


In the evening the trio performed at the main stage but this afternoon concert  Antonello did on his own



The next day  Paolo Fresu  was on the same outdoor stage in company with the French accordionist Richard Galliano.

Sometimes you find jazz in unusual locations.

In this pages I will keep you informed about what I  meet .