Dutch Venues 2

Cafť Wilhelmina in Eindhoven is the place where you should go if you like some progressive† jazz. Because programmer John Thomas† from Axes-Jazzpower likes to present things to his audiance which you will not find in most of the other venues in the Netherlands.


John Thomas

Monday 19 januari 2009 the Flemish† Ben Sluys and his group were on stag in Wilhelmina.


Free jazz, a lot of energy, a highly obstinate piano player† Eric Vermeulen, and the rhythm tandem Manola Cabras (bas) and Mark Patrman (drums) supported† saxophonists Jeroen van Herzeele (tenor) and Ben Sluys (alt, flute) to their up most level.



Art house 13 (K13) in Velp is in the first place an exhibition room with changing art-collectio0ns from† artists and painters from the region. Moreover there is a concert room, where all kinds of theatre productions, cabaret, traditional music and jazz music are presented.


On this stage on Tuesday 13 January 2009 3DoubleDutch was at guest. A combination of different groups† such as drummers Double Bill, Cram and Talking Cows.


Radio announcer Vera Vingerhoeds† had the presentation in hands.

The SJU jazz podium in Utrecht also belongs to the important venues in the Netherlands. A stage with a broad spectrum, much attention to regional projects, but also (inter) national talents are showed of.


On 4 October 2008 I was in Utrecht with a performance† of amongst others Marc van Vugt. Marc† is† guitarist, leads a group under the name Big Bizar Habbit with partner/singer† Ineke van Doorn, is a music professor and initiator of innumerable original and adventurous projects. That day he performed with Paul van Kemenade (alto), Saartje van Camp (violoncello), the Italian trombonist† Giancarlo Schiaffini, pianist Oscar Jan Hoogland and drummer Francesco Branciamore.

A particular stage from Amsterdam is BethaniŽnklooster. Located to the Barndesteeg, to the edge of the red-light district this former convent complex accommodates a splendid concert room.


Here you can find† progressive jazz groups but also classical acts† are in the program.


Here a project under the name Clazz started.

Clazz (with saxophonist Dick de Graaf† and trumpeter Gerard Kleijn as leaders) mixes improvised music, with the tradition of classical music and modern composed music.


The venue also is the home base of the† progressive pianist Albert van Veenendaal and saxophonist Esmee Olthuis.

On 5 February 2009 I was there with the premiere of† Etudes for an opera. Music of Esmee Olthuis, Albert van Veenendaal and Hans Hasebos (marimba), a libretto from Kees van der Zwaard.


Singer† Kristina Fuchs, actor Kevin Walton and percussionist Alan Purves were assisting the three composeres mentioned before.


After the break the lyrical duo Eric Vloeimans and pianist Jeroen van Vliet† was scheduled.

photo; Josien Lucassen

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Josien Lucassen made this photo after the concert. Then there was some time for the new book to admire that Cees van de Ven has recently delivered. Cees is an enthusiastic photographer, is a key employee of† the specialized website† Draaiomjeoren and responsible for concerts in the Belgian Neerpelt stage Jazz Case.