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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm


Philipp Rüttgers (1981) is a pianist from Germany living in the Netherlands, Arnhem. He finished his Master of Music last year at the ARTez Conservatorium, where he is teaching now

He also participated in different international Competitions and won some prices including the 3rd Prize at the International Jazz Improvizacija Piano Solo Competition in Vilnius 2008 (LT). 

He performs  solo, duo, trio and quartet works with different musicians from Holland and Germany...

In my opinion he is a promising new talent so I invited him with a nice quartet at my venue in December 2009.



Philipp Rüttgers, piano

Etienne Nillesen, drums

Stefan Karl Schmid, sax

Jakob Kühnemann, bas


Their set list was:


Pan´s Labyrinth          
Riot Hush Dawn       ( a suite from Stefan Karl Schmid)   
Charles Lloyd Sketch   
For Joey                     
The Story of Big Apple 

Nonntal  ( Stefan Karl Schmid)           
Plan B     ( Stefan Karl Schmid)                  


All compositions by Philipp except when  mentioned otherwise.


The audience kept asking for an encore and so they decided to play a standard tune.

And then for everyone became clear; this is a band with a real own idiom.


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The Men

Philipp Rüttgers


On 22-11-2011 Phillip was back on our venue. This time with maestro cellist Ernst Reijseger and drummer Etienne Nillisen again.