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The Netherlands is not that badly endowed with high quality jazz venues. And we are endowed  with a lot of very talented musicians, thanks to the many years' effort of our academies to train young music students.

Many musicians with  name give lessons there, mostly part-time, to share their experience and personal vision on improvised music.

In short we have a living jazz scene, also because of  a good subsidy system.

Tekstvak: 7 September 2008 Amina Figarova performed with her sextet in the BIMhuis.

Paradox belongs to my favorite clubs. Perhaps, because I myself was born in Tilburg. But certainly also because of the alternating programming, excellent cooperation which I maintain with them, and the innumerable Tilburg musicians which are presented there regularly.


You can really talk about  a  Tilburg scene and by the initiatives, Paradox arranged, a lot of them became familiar all over the world.  I mention; Paul van Kemenade, Harmen Fraanje, Jeroen van Vliet, Leatitia van KriekenPascal Vermeer and, one of the founders, Niko Langenhuijsen.


Recently Harmen Fraanje was there. He stepped in with two duo’s.

Before the break  with singer Ntjamrosie and with Eric Vloeimans in the second set.


Paradox, photographer unknown

For the first time together on stage And then play as if your life is depending on it. That did saxophonist Javier Girotto, percussionist  Zlatko Kaucic and violin player Alexander Balanescu.





Also in Paradox;


12 november 2008

Tekstvak: LAVALU Mahlerei, 11-11-2008


Arnhem, Mahlerei.


In Arnhem there is the Grand Cafe Mahler of Musis Sacrum. On concert evenings it is renamed to Mahlerei.


Four producers organize a concert for the turn every Tuesday evening there.


The concerts are accessible for free and start at 21.30.


 Jazz in Arnhem Foundation has its turn every third Tuesday.


But LAVALU was there on the invitation of Musis Sacrum themselves.

Nijmegen: The Lindenberg


The Lindenberg is a culture institution, which has a broad offer in the field of music, art and theatre. The Lindenberg  is also active with an offer in schools.

Our colleague foundation JIN occupies himself with programming jazz music improvised and uses this venue as a stage.. And because I am their house photographer (my photography to appear shortly after a concert on their site), I can be found there on a regular base.


On 11 November Dick de Graaf was there with his quartet. And so we enjoyed  pianist Jeroen van Vliet, drummer Pascal Vermeer, bass player Guus Bakker with tenor player Dick de Graaf  in a powerful action.

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October 22, 2008  Dave Holland with his quartet was in the Bimhuis.
Dave became famous because of his collaboration with Miles Davis.
The quartet, which he took is playing together for many years and that one could hear. A strong group, not afraid to be on the risky side.


Line up

Dave Holland- double bass,

Chris Potter-tenor saxophone,

Robin Eubanks-trombone,

Steve Nelson-vibes,

Nate Smith-drums

A nice venue we find in Maastricht. Café Thembi started to do concerts some years ago. This year (2009) you can enjoy Jazz music of top quality with names like Harmen Fraanje, Wolfert Brederode, Tineke Postma and Paul van Kemenade being leading artists, who keep returning to Thembi every time with a different Lineup.  On Sunday 22-11-2009 I went over to see Tineke Postma in duo with piano player Marc van Roon

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The Amsterdam Bimhuis is the leading platform in the Netherlands. And far beyond our borders the name is known.

Foreign musicians like to play there and are there to be found with great regularity. And with its very broad and often current programming it is a place where you have to go.


Bimhuis was opened in 1974 and was an initiative of Amsterdam musicians who in 1971 had united in the Association of improvising musicians. People like Hans Dulfer and Misja Mengelberg were at the base.

Since a few years, the new Bimhuis is to be found in the new Music Building at the IJ.

Click on the link to go to the site of the Bimhuis .