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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

Florian Weber (Cologne) grew up with classical music. His mother an opera singer, his father a classical concert pianist. What else do you want?  His father started to teach him the piano when he was 4 years old. Soon Florian started to write his own songs.

He studied at the conservatory and after that he went to the  Berklee College in the USA.Important teachers are John Taylor and Paul Bley.

He performs both in jazz as classical music.

He has his own trio Minsarah. Lee Konitz played with that band.

Florian got several awards; The first prize of the Monaco concourse and the Steinway prize already in his student time.

I first met him in Cologne, performing a solo concert at the Italian Cultural Institute. His part was before the break. The second part was by Rita Marcotulli, also solo.

Eric Vloeimans started to work with him after my suggestion. Their first time in duo was in Arnhem. Shortly after that event they were to be found in Cologne together. The video’s below I made there at the Stadtgarten.

The pictures below are made at de Lindenberg (Nijmegen) where Florian replaced Jeroen van Vliet in the electric band Gatecrash’ from Vloeimans.

Although he rarely uses the electric piano since he finished his studies Florian did a great job.






Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm
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The Men

Florian Weber

Tekstvak: Here you find some video’s I made in Cologne .

On 5-2-2010 Simin Tander had to perform with her band SIMIN at de Toonzaal in ‘s Hertogenbosch. As Jeroen van Vliet, whom lately entered her band as the regular piano player was not available that night. She had to find a substitute. She decided to invite Florian Weber, with whom she performed before together with trumpet player Eric Vloeimans. And it turned out to be the very right choice.

Florian proved to feel very comfortable with the own compositions of the singer. And with his classical backgrounds and his very own idiom and approach of the music he added something extra. So everyone felt comfortable and inspired. A large audience (over 100 people got in) liked the concert very much and begged for an encore.

The pictures shown below give an impression of the (extended) rehearsal before the concert.