Jazz in Belgium


Brugge of course is one of the important tourist cities  in Flemish Belgium. But there also is each two years  an interesting jazz festival. In four days from all kind of European countries groups are presented . The photographs I made are from the festival day. Unfortunately I could be in Brugge only that Thursday.

But of course  it was particular that Rita Marcotulli that day came forward with a triumvirate from herself on piano and the Swedish bass player Anders Jormin and Anders Kjellberg at drums.

The photographs which I made of Rita that day was unfortunately of insufficient quality. One depends in the end on the stage light.


But she has to be on this page. For this reason below a photograph which I made in the same  Brugge festival two years before (2006). Then she was there also in duo with saxophonist Andy Sheppard.


Jazz festival Brugge

2 October 2008


Bart Defoort        

Emanuel Cisi

Duo Aki Takase /

Silke Eberhard

Rita Marcotulli

Andy Sheppard duo 2006

Anders Kjellberg

Anders Jormin

And these clips of Rita and Andy I made at Brugge also