Special places 2

On Sunday 18 January 2009 I went to the German city of Hilden. Eric Vloeimans would perform there with  the German pianist Florian Weber. Eric had given me a phone call, because the duo  (April 2007) played on our invitation in Arnhem and for the very first time. And since then the duo appears every now and then to further explore their musical challenge.


Eric was right to think I would appreciate to be there.


So I went to Hilden to the address given; Forststrasze 73.

What proves to be; to the edge of an industry department I find a gallery, a museum with communication as a subject (old TV, radio etc.) and… old-timers. These old-timers are moreover sports cars….

Ik vond een aardig artikel over auto’s en jazz trouwens in Jazzflits.


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