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I could have mentioned  Vera also as a  saxophone player because original she was. But her merit lies above all in producing numerous radio– en television broadcastings for the VPRO.

With that she gives her audience an actual image About what is happening.

Jazz on radio en TV in the Netherlands is unfortunately  underestimated. I hope Vera can continue her important job for a long time still.

Recently Vera was seen in a program called 3DubbelDutch.

In that program groups like Talking Cows, Cram (van Binsbergen) and Drummers Double Bill are united. Vera presents throughout the program by interviewing the musicians.

And, which is an art in itself because of her musical knowledge and backgrounds , she asks al those naive questions which a starting listener never dares to ask. And in that way she gives the project a highly educational value!!

Here my impression of that night in  Kunsthuis 13 (Velp)





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Vera about herself on Draaiomjeoren / for dutch readers only

Vera Vingerhoeds

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