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Tekstvak: Leatitia van Krieken Big Bang 

Mahler, 16-9-2008

Leatitia van Krieken / piano/compositions

Herman van Haaren / viool

De Big Bang

Saartje van Kam / cello

Tekstvak: Jazz in Arnhem Foundation has been set up in 1993, by Pierre Courbois, the drummer resident in Arnhem. 

He won the VPRO Boy Edgar price in 2008. Since September 1999 have been the programmer of this foundation. 

Our fixed cycle of concerts takes place in the bar restaurant of Musis Sacrum, the music temple of Arnhem. We are there every third Tuesday of the month  with a production. Start season 2009/2010 we also produce concerts in the Jubilee room also in Musis Sacrum. And we are going to produce concerts in the region close to Arnhem. In Bemmel, a village situated between Arnhem and Nijmegen.
For exact dates and program please check the website.

Our main goal is to program jazz groups from the national top and wherever possible from other European countries. So far we programmed groups from Germany, Belgium and Italy.

 But also the local groups from Gelderland get their space on this stage  from time up to time. 

Some recent pictures you find on this page.

SIMIN, Mahler, 18-11-2008

Already some time ago Soo Cho performed with her trio in the Mahlerei by invitation of  the jazz in Arnhem foundation. (September 2007). Soo is a  young Korean, resident in the Netherlands, who can write  splendid compositions because of her classical backgrounds.


Due to that talent in 2008 she was  the Young Vip during the tournee with the same  name, an initiative of the VIP (which is an Association of venues promoting improvised music). by me moreover elsewhere.


Most of the pictures I made  elsewhere by the way.

Simin Tander is still a young performer, which stands at the beginning of a promising career. With a short action on an ArtEZ evening in the Mahlerei she caught my attention by her originality, her presence on stage and her splendid voice with a large wealth to consonance nuances.

Therefore we invited her  in the Mahlerei to do a concert with her own quartet SIMIN.


More than 130 people listened, sometimes breathless and carried Simin to large altitude.



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