On 30-6-2007 I was at Treviglio Italy. A quintet of drummer Zlatko Kaucic was performing. The project was called “The Golden boat’.


Line up:

Zlatko Kaucic, drums

Javier Girotto, sax

Paul McCandless, sax

Bruno Ceselli, piano

Paolino dalla Porta, bass


Tekstvak: I uploaded some clips on YouTube from groups or musicians who were not mentioned before.
Or they have their own page but there was not enough space to add (more) clips there.
So I give them on this page.
Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

So no pictures this time, but clips only 1

Cordoba Reunion; 4 Argentinean musicians living in Europe. Sometimes they come together and make a short tour along the main venues.  Minino Garay percussion, Javier Girotto sax, Carlos Buschini double bass and Gerardo di Giusti where at the BIMhuis in Amsterdam on 6-1-2006.

Yonga Sun, Oliver Maas, Jörg Brinkmann, Oene van Geel

Lindenberg, Nijmegen 5-11-2009

Sometimes I can make combinations between Dutch musicians and Italians.. In 2000 I did a festival at Paradox (Tilburg) with Paul van Kemenade quintet, Duo Jeroen van Vliet & Eric Vloeimans and the Rita Marcotulli quartet.

There we decided upon a new project together with Rita and Eric. It took 2 years to get everything together.

But a splendid band came together, did a tour of 5 concerts and after that they spent one day in a studio where the record Hidden History was born (Challenge records).

During the Nighttown concert in Rotterdam (13-4-2002) I recorded on video. Two compilation clips you can find here.


Line up:

Eric Vloeimans, trumpet

Rita Marcotulli, piano

Palle Danielsson, double bass

Roberto Gatto, drums.





Martin Fondse is a composer and arranger in the first place. His latest project is the Starvinsky Orkestar with great names like Eric Vloeimans, Claudio Puntin, Stefan Shorn, Jan-Peter Koelsch, Herman van Haaren and Eric van der Westen.

They performed at Paradox on 24-9-2010