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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm


Yuri Honing is from the same generation like  Michiel Borstlap, Eric Vloeimans and Benjamin Herman.  They started  in the Michiel Borstlap sextet, but each of them found their own way all over the world.

This goes for sure for Yuri too.

Yuri recorded several  CD’s with great names like  Paul Bley, Gary Peacock and Paul Motion.

But he does not forget the Dutch venues and in 2006 he was our Guest in Arnhem.








Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm

10 April 2009 Café Kraay en Balder in Eindhoven. Jazz at the Crow.


Yuri was there with his new  Acoustic Quartet. And after 10 years he decided to work again with a piano player. He chose for the exceptional lyric Wolfert Brederode.


Wolfert’s  idiom was very decisive for the music.

Bassist Frans van der Hoeven and  sound-drummer Joost Lijbaart made Yuri fly away.

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21-5-2010 the acoustic quartet performed at Paradox. Here some clips I made during their performance.

On 14-11-2012 Yuri played at Lux in Nijmegen, the new place of the JIN.

Line up

Yuri Honing sax

Wolfert Brederode piano

Mark Haanstra bass

Joost Lijbaart drums