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Special events.

October 2009 the new Soo Cho trio with featured guest Javier Girotto toured in the Netherlands performing 5 concerts.


14 October; Lindenberg, Nijmegen

15 October; BIMhuis, Amsterdam

16 October; Toonzaal, ‘s Hertogenbosch

20 October; Mahlerei, Arnhem

21 October; Paradox Tilburg


The idea came up when in 2008 Javier Girotto stayed at my home four a couple of days. I made him listen to the new record of Korean piano player/composer Soo Cho and he liked the music and Soo’s composing that much, he asked me to set up some cooperation.

I was glad I did, because the project turned out to be of outstanding quality.

Wonderful compositions of Soo (she wrote twelve new songs), her lyrical romantic playing on the piano and the passion of this great saxophone player from Italy turned out to be a perfect match. Double bass player Sven Happel (Rotterdam) and drummer Yonga Sun (living in Arnhem but half German, half Korean) carried the two soloists up till high levels every time.


Soo is not only a romantic player/composer. She wrote and arranged some real avant-garde stuff. Check her tunes like Missing Bullet and Major Revolution on the next page. And her classical background is very much there in the old standard  My Funny Valentine. She really adds some new approach to a song so often played by so many other great musicians.


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Special events

Soo Cho trio & Javier Girotto 1

Nijmegen, de Lindenberg 14-10-2009

BIMhuis, Amsterdam 15-10-2009

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