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Special Events.


Every year in ‘s Hertogenbosch there is a theater festival. Its name is the Boulevard.


In 2008 trumpeter Jeroen Doomernik started a jazz program as part of this festival.

He called it the BOOM BOOM ROOM. The idea;

He invites professional jazz musicians whom never played before together. In the afternoon he puts them together in a room and the goal is to prepare a performance to be done in the afternoon.


On 12th of August 2009 he invited  saxophone player Javier Girotto (Italy) bass player Philippe Aerts (Belgium), German drummer Yonga Sun and Dutch piano player Jeroen van Vliet.


I was there to accompany Javier Girotto and was able to attend the insiring rehearsal in the afternoon.


A local paper (Het Brabants Dagblad) did put a Youtube fragment on the net and you will find the link below.


I made the pictures  during rehearsal, soundcheck and concert.

Jeroen Doomernik


Sound check time





The concert

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Special events

Boom Boom Room 1