When you organise concerts you have to announce them also.


The picture was made at the Mahlerei in Arnhem by Cees van de Ven, a colleague promoter, running an important jazz-web site

( and an excellent photographer.


We share the same madness!!

Joop Mutsaers

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Javier Girotto original is from Argentina. But over more than 15 years he is living in Rome and top of the bill in Italy.


Javier is multi-instrumentalist, but his main instrument is the  soprano saxophone. His playing always shows off his Argentinean roots and that’s why he is so special.


After he played twice in Arnhem I started to represent him in my country.


In 2008 he was in the  North Sea Jazz Festival:

In duo with  Accordeon player Luciano Biondini and as soloist with the 

Parco della Musica Jazz Orchestra from Rome.


In august 2009 he was featured in a special event called the Boom Boom Room in ‘s Hertogenbosch


In October 2009 we organised a tour with the Soo Cho trio featuring Javier Girotto as special guest.




































Javier at Paradox, Tilburg 12-11-2008


Latest Update: Sunday, 12 January 2014

Since I quit my job because of retirement (I was a primary school counsellor) most of my time is related to jazz– and improvised music.

· I am programmer of the Jazz in Arnhem Foundation. 

· I am a member of the board of the VIP (an association of venues who do have improvised Music in their programs).




· Occasionally I do lectures about jazz music using mainly my own video registrations to support my stories.

In this pages I will give you information about jazz– and improvised events.

I attend a lot of jazz concerts not only in my own country but also abroad.

My favourite countries are Italy and Belgium. So that’s why I added specific pages about events in these countries.

In  this website you only will find pictures made by me, unless mentioned otherwise.

Enjoy: Joop Mutsaers


JAMM goes for Jazz Management Mutsaers. It also are the initials of my late wife who unfortunately died in 1991:

Josepha Anna Maria Mutsaers-Daamen

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Javier at Boom Boom Room ,

Javier and the Soo Cho trio October 2009