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Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm 

Tekstvak: Mutsaersjamm


Pierre Courbois (Nijmegen 1940) is living in Arnhem since he finished his studies at the Conservatory there.

Pierre was one of those musicians to play an important role in the Dutch jazz scene. He introduced free jazz with groups like New Association, was an innovator introducing electronical effects into his drum-set, developing a double pedal for the bass-drum and exploring uneven meters like 5/4.

He studied in Paris with famous Kenny Clarke adapting his brush techniques and bring them to a higher level.

His list of cooperation's both in Holland and abroad are to much to mention here. Check out his website.

In 2008 he finally received the VPRO Boy Edgar Award at the age of 68. As he was the founder of the Jazz in Arnhem foundation, we invited him to perform a special on 17-5-2009. Below you will find an impression of this special event.




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The special night featured Pierre with:


The Waterland trio including:

Leo van Oostrom alto and soprano

Loek Dikker, piano, compositions

Pierre Courbois, drums


After the break the trio was extended into the

Waterland sextet featuring:

Louk Boudesteijn, trombone

Jan Menu, tenor saxophone

Lucien Mattheeuwsen, double bass

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Pierre Courbois

On 23-4-2010 Pierre became 70 years. He could celebrate this occasion with a concert in the town where he lives. Arnhem. At that occasion Mrs. Pauline Krikke (Mayor of the city) had the pleasure to present him a brand-new book about his life as a musician. 50 years of musicianship passes by in interviews with a lot of people whom played with Pierre. And he himself looks back. The Title; Pierre Courbois—Revocation.


He performed with his quintet; Line up;


Pierre Courbois, drums, composition

Toon de Gouw, trumpet

Niko Langenhuijsen, piano

Egon Kracht, bass

Jan Menu, baritone– and soprano sax



Paul Kusters, one of the persons supporting the initiative of the book handed over some flowers.

On 21-4-2010 the same quintet performed at K13 in Velp.

Here some video-impressions.

Pierre Coubois, his sister Kitty Courbois and pianoplayer Polo de Haas performed at Stichting Jazz in Arnhem on 25-10-2011.