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Tineke Postma, Young, driven, successful and charming. She plays full houses and is always on her way to new adventure.

She leads her own quartet with which she travels around the world.\

And recently she was looking the Challenge to play with great men like Han Bennink and Ernst Glerum.

Tineke finished the  Amsterdam conservatory cum laude, and is teaching there herself now.

She played with drummer  Terri Lyne Carrington and singers  Diana Reeves and Nancy Wilson.

In 2005 she played a sold out  Carnegie Hall in New York. And recently  (2009) she recorded a new  CD in New York with  Terri Lyne Carrington and Geri Allen.




Together with singer Esra Dalfidan Tineke tours along the concerthalls in the Netherlands (2008/2009). Jazz Impuls is an organisation to promote jazz in that kind of venues

Esra is a Guest of Tineke during that tour but on 15 March 2009 they changed roles.

Esra invited  Tineke to join her quintet.

Enough reason for me to travel to Zevenbergen.


The own compositions of  Esra challenged Tineke tinto surprising improvisations and the beautiful piano parts from Franz von Chossy were something special too.


Before the start they had to exercise some difficult unison parts which is one of the Dalfidan trademarks and it meant hard labour. At least it delivered me some nice pictures.

During the concert these unisono’s were fluidly delivered by the way


Craftsmanship from two superb women assisted by double bass player  Thomas Merlo, drummer Uli Genenger and pianist Franz von Chossy.



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Esmee Olthuis


Hermine Deurloo




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